Why You Shouldn’t Keep the Opposite Gender as a Best Friend While in a Relationship with Someone Else

Do you know that friendship at times is stronger than relationship?
Friendship between a male and female could be quite interesting.

You can actually make one your very close pal to talk to when you need to pour out your mind.

However, if you are in a relationship, and your bestfriend is of the opposite gender, you are doing one thing – keeping a temptation around!
Some men even still keep female friends they know are interested in them close…

Listen, the fantasy in making someone ur close pal when she’s expecting you to date her is more emotional than dating. The anxiety makes you fall in “love” more & more. If you continue making her your close pal without dating her, you’ll discover you are having a kind of strong feeling each time you guys talk.
The point is… there won’t be fight or argument. No ego. You’ll be able to say ‘I’m sorry’ easily. Because s/he’s in “love” with you, s/he would feel so free to tell you anything. You would surely love that and eventually start getting attracted to her.

Now, if you are in a relationship and you keep the opposite gender so close, these would be the result:

1. You will be acting like a player. You want to enjoy the attention from both (your spouse and the other person)
2. You will be disrespecting your spouse
3. You would be giving your spouse a cause to feel insecured (s/he would see the other person as your PLAN B)
4. Your spouse will at some point began feeling like your second best (Probably you never had a chance with the other person so you just went for your spouse) because you will subconsciously ALWAYS want to defend your best friend even when your spouse’s points are “valid”! You will ALWAYS see everything your bestfriend does as RIGHT!
5. You will be hurting someone you love (that’s if you truly love your spouse)
6. You may eventually lose both

Make your spouse your bestfriend if you want your relationship to work and last. Have more of your ‘gender-type’ around you. Stop “over-loving” the attention from the opposite s3x, you will only hurt your spouse!

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