Your Wife Should Take First Place in Your Heart After God, Not Your Mother!!!

A lot of men see their mothers as more important than their wives but I would give you two reasons why your wife should be given more priority.

1. The Bible Says So
“For this reason shall a man LEAVE his MOTHER & father be joined to his wife”

2. Your wife is actually you!
From the moment you are married, you become one. Nothing should separate you from your wife, not even your mother! If you hurt her because you don’t want to hurt your mum then you are already hurting yourself. If you truly love her, you would love her above your mother. Funny enough, your mother is now an extended family member & your immediate family members (you, your wife & children) are now your priority. Love your wife like your very soul.

This year a question was asked on Twitter & a lot of replies flooded in mostly from guys. The question: Your wife and mother is in a boat that is about to sink. You can save only one person, who would you save?
It’s a pity most people said they would save their mum. Someone actually added that his reason for the choice is he can’t get another mother but can get another wife. Well, I’m so sorry for him.
Ok, you want to know? You can actually get another mother but get the exact wife you lost? No! You can’t get another woman you would love as much as you loved her.

Again, what role is more important to you… the role of your mother or the role of your wife? Huh? The advice your mum would give you is the same you can get from your wife’s mum or any other experienced woman in this world! Or, what other role is your mother supposed to play? Whatelse do you need her for?

Some people would say, “my mum is more important because she’s the one that brought me to this world.” Oh, really?! Are you sure she did you a favour? Wouldn’t you rather be in heaven instead of suffering in this world? Lol #justsaying. Hold on, isn’t your wife the one that carried/would carry ALL your children (if you are faithful enough not to have a child outside your home 🙂 ) for nine months each???? She’s also a mother!!!

Men, please wake up! Be realistic!! Stop trying to do the ‘I don’t want my mother to feel bad’ thing. Just follow your heart!
(& women, same applies to you. Your husband is your #1 priority)

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